Petty Cash to manage your Expenses and credits

You can manage your store's expenses and additional credits with the petty cash feature.

Please refer to the following steps to create an entry

Step 1. Go to petty cash and click on "Add Entry" to add your expenses.

Step 2. Click on "Cash out" to add Expenses, click on "Cash in" for Additional credits. You can enter the value and leave the desired notes. The entry is saved and logged.

Step 3. You can also export the petty cash reports from the desired date range and register if you have multiple registers.

Step 4. You can also create petty-cash categories to identify and filter the specific entries when you export the reports.

Note:- If you have different users, the expenses and credits added on his/her shift will help in cash reconciliation.

Updated on: 07/04/2022

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