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KOT Report - View completed & cancelled KOTs (Avoid fraud)

It is important to assure the items in the KOT and the sales match. Also the cancelled KOT's have to be tracked to avoid fraud.

Completed and cancelled Kitchen Order Tickets can be viewed for a particular receipt or for several receipts by exporting the Order Tickets Report.
To access the cancelled kitchen order ticket of a particular receipt,

Click Receipts
select a receipt
Click on the Order Ticket number to view the cancelled items in that kitchen.

To access cancelled Kitchen Order Tickets for multiple receipts,

Click Export.
Select the Report type as Order Ticket Report.
Select the time period for the report.
Select the shop for which the report is generated.
Enter the email Id.

The Order ticket Report will be sent to the specified email Id.

Download the attachment and extract it to view the cancelled KOTs.

Item name denotes the item for which order ticket is generated or cancelled.
Item quantity denotes the quantity of the item which is added or cancelled from the receipt.
A Positive value indicates that an item is added in the receipt after an order ticket is generated and a negative value indicates that an item is removed from the receipt after an order ticket is generated.

Updated on: 25/12/2018

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