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Kitchen Display System Setup

Start using Kitchen Display System to effectively track the food ready status and stale timing.

Ensure to enable the KOT generation from Setup -> Preferences.

Setup the server IP and the stale time to use KDS.

If you see multiple IP addresses in "Available networks", make sure you use the IP address of the network in which both the SlickPOS Desktop system and Waiter mobile app will be connected.

Create chef login from Setup -> Users -> All Kitchen Users.

Click here to use Kitchen Display System from web browser or install Kitchen app from app store. Use login with IP option and enter the IP address set up in register.

5.Enter the PIN of kitchen user and select the counter to work.

View all the new orders in the New tab.

Use Open tab to view the accepted orders and make the items ready.

Serve the items to the customer by clicking serve in the ready tab.

View the cancelled orders and close them from Cancelled tab.

Updated on: 02/03/2020

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