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Inventory Indent

Looking for a feature that helps you to request the inventory items between inventories? Use the indenting option to send and accept request among multiple inventories you owe.

Click on inventory available under Apps -> Inventory.

Click on Indents to create indent request.

Click here to add the new indent.

In create Indent page, select the inventory you are requesting for and type the name and quantity of the inventory item. Use the "Add another" option to add more inventory items. And click on "Create" to create the indent to the respective inventory.

Click on "Create" to confirm indent.

Now click on view inventory in the requested inventory to view the indent.

Click on the "Indents" option that displays the incoming request.

Click on the indent to view the request.

View the stock in hand and provide the fulfilled quantity according to the availability of the stock.

Prioritize the items to be fulfilled by clicking the check box near the item name. Also use the "Accept" Option to stop the further updates from the other inventory.

Click on "Fulfill" to fulfill the indent request.

Click on "Accept" to confirm accept (to stop further updates from the other inventory).

To view the summary of the indent, select the indent details and click on view summary available in "Action".

Also download the summary using the "Download" option.

Double click on the downloaded summary report.

View the report in the form of excel sheet (CSV format).

Under the same requested inventory, fulfill the items by clicking on the checkbox near the item name to complete the indent.

Click on "Complete" to complete indent request of other inventory.

Click on "Complete" to confirm complete operation of indent.

Updated on: 17/10/2019

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