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Inventory Consumption Report

The inventory consumption report gives the utilisation of the items over given a period of time. This helps you in estimating the future demand for product and raw material.

The following steps helps you to understand the consumption report of an item(For Eg. Veg Noodles)

Initial quantity of an item is the quantity of that item at the start of the period. (For Eg. 0 is the initial
quantity for Veg Noodles).

The Inward Addition represents the quantity of an item which is inwarded in the inventory during the
given period.(For Eg: 41 is the Inward Addition for Veg Noodles).The inwarded count will be the Total
Addition count of the item.

The Sale represents the number of items sold during the given period. (For Eg. Sale made on Veg
noodles is 12)

The Transfer out represents, transferring stocks/products from one inventory to the other inventory.
(For Eg. The quantity of Veg Noodles transferred to the other inventory is 15)

The wastage represents the quantity of the items given as wastage. (For Eg. Wastage given on Veg
Noodles is 5)

Increased/Decreased on Adjustment represents the quantity of pilferage during adjustment. (Eg:
Increased and Decreased on Adjustment for Veg Noodles is 10 and 5 respectively)

The total consumption of an item = Sold + Restocked + Consumed As Ingredient + Transferred Out +
Wasted - Increased On Adjustment + Decreased on Adjustment

Final Quantity of an item is the quantity at the end of the given period. (For Eg 14 for Veg Noodles)

To Verify your consumption of an item
Consumption = Initial Quantity + Total Addition - Final Quantity

Updated on: 17/08/2018

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