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How to enable and use Waiter/Captain App for table orders

Contact SlickPOS team and ask us to enable Waiter app for your account. Please remember Waiter app requires upgrading your SlickPOS subscription.

Waiter app needs a central desktop application. Download and extract SlickPOS desktop from Get the downloadable version of SlickPOS for desktop.

Open SlickPOS application (from the downloaded and extracted files) and go to Setup -> Registers -> (Choose your Register). i) Make sure table numbers are populated. ii) Copy and paste the IP address of your system to the "Server IP Address For Waiter App" field as shown in the screenshot below.

If you see multiple IP addresses in "Available networks", make sure you use the IP address of the network in which both the SlickPOS Desktop system and Waiter mobile app will be connected.

In SlickPOS make sure the below preferences are set for the waiter service to be enabled.

Verify the SlickPOS Waiter Service is running from the Sell Page.

Create a Waiter user with a PIN.

Get the "SlickPOS Waiter" app from Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

Install the Waiter app on your phone and login with your SlickPOS account. Use the waiter user's PIN to unlock the waiter app. Only users who are waiter can unlock the waiter app.

Make sure the Waiter app has joined the same WiFi Network in which SlickPOS Desktop system is running. When this happens, you will see Green Signal in the Waiter App.

Now you can place orders from the Waiter app. To see how to use waiter app, you can checkout the demo video here.

If you change some setup or IP address, then to get the updated setup, you have to click "Sync" from: Waiter App Tables -> (click the 3 dots on top right) -> Setup.

When you are connected to a WiFi router hosted network, the SlickPOS Desktop system's IP address will change every time you reconnect. To fix this issue, you need to configure a static IP for the system. You can either reach out to us for help, or check the steps mentioned here.

For finishing the printer setup, Go to Setup -> Printers -> Add Printer and then to configure which printer is for what, go to Setup -> Printers -> Setup.

When you add a printer, printers installed in the system will show under "Silent Print" type. You can also add Network Printers using their IP.

Updated on: 23/02/2019

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