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Create KOT's to manage your kitchen orders

Serving your customer orders at the right time is key to a happy customer. KOT's help you serialize your orders.

To enable the KOT feature go to preferences. Refer the below link for more guidance.

Once the KOT feature is enabled the sell screen would have a order ticket button.

​As a order is taken, a KOT can be printed without generating a receipt by clicking on Order Ticket.

​You can enter a draft name for a rolling order and also include special instructions for the order in the KOT. Click on Create Order Ticket to print the KOT.

​KOT can also be generated if the order is billed directly without waiting. The KOT is printed along with the final receipt.

If Items are removed after KOT is generated. A cancelled KOT can also be printed by clicking on Create Order Ticket.

Updated on: 10/02/2018

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