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Apply Percentage Discounts using coupon codes

Percentage Discounts offer a specified Percentage as discount in the bill amount. They can be applied either on the total bill (Order level Discount) or on a particular product (Product level Discount).

To add a discount rule, click setup -> Discount Rules -> Add Discount Rule

Enter the Coupon code.
Select the type of Discount as Percentage.
Add the Register (Shop) for which coupon should be enabled.

Choose from order level / Product level discount rules.

Order level Discounts provide percentage discounts on the total bill amount.
Product level Discounts provide percentage discounts for a particular product.

Enter the percentage value that should be applied as discount.

Select the Start date and End date.

Enter the Minimum order value (optional).

Discount will be applied if the sale value is equal to or more than the minimum order value.

Click Create Discount Rule to create the coupon.

Updated on: 11/12/2018

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