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Adding new items in Urban Piper

Wish to add new items to online food order portal? Do it right away from the SlickPOS itself. Avoid tedious steps to add new item into online menu.

Make sure the product/item already exists in SlickPOS. How to Add Product?

2. Click on Item Setup to change item properties.

Create the online category by clicking on Online categories.

Select the newly added item and enable the item in Item Setup.

Set the Online category, Food type and mark them as recommended if necessary after enabling it.

Note: It is necessary to set the image of the product if the product is set as recommended.
Click here to know about how to set the image of the product in Urban Piper Portal.

Move to the respective register again to sync the changes and push them to Urban Piper.



Click Here to know about how to push your changes to swiggy and zomato portal.

Note: Please ping us on chat if the changes are not reflected on the swiggy and zomato portals.

Updated on: 27/02/2020

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